16 Bamboo Organic Reusable Makeup Remover Pads | Washable

$13.99 (as of July 23, 2020, 11:43 am)

🍀Professional Combination Set🍀: Beauty makeup blender sponge gives you a perfect makeup application, avoid the waste of cosmetics;Bamboo cotton rounds, It removes 100% of your make-up away with your favorite toner;Machine washable cotton laundry bag
🍀What theme you are most caring about?🍀 : If you ask a girl, what ever she is 20,30,40…80 old, absolutely beauty.everyday, they spend many time on make up and many different materials makeups. so how to be the best to her? Let’s go for the Non-Latex Makeup Sponges & Reusable Cotton Rounds.
🍀Non-Latex Makeup Sponges🍀: Double size after getting wet, softer and easier to makeup.