5 Pcs Natural Loofah, Shower Loofahs Exfoliating Body

$10.99 (as of July 23, 2020, 12:14 pm)

DAILY SKINCARE: Natural shower loofah has moderate hardness, which is gentle exfoliation and harmless to the skin. No bleaching, but also wash away the oil on the skin surface. Your skin will be smoother and shinier because it can effectively stimulate blood circulation when you use this body loofah.
MULTIPLE USES: The natural loofahs not only can make your skin spa to remove dead skin and surface oil but also great for household cleaning, scrubbing, foot dead skin, soap-making, used as a plant fertilizer,and more.
SIZE: 5 Pack loofah exfoliating sponges each with rope, and each size is approximately 4.9 * 2.7 inches. It is the right size to hold in your hand and easy to use.