Biodegradable Mint Dental Floss Refills 2-Pack | For

$8.99 (as of July 23, 2020, 11:27 am)

✅SAFE FOR OUR PLANET & FOR YOU: Our biodegradable floss is made for individuals on the journey to have an eco-friendly approach on our planet. You will receive not one, but two spools of natural silk floss that are 33 yards long each – 66 yards in total. The packaging can be put into your compost bin as it’s made from eco-friendly kraft paper featuring soy-bean ink that breaks down quicker than our competitor’s inks. No glass container is included with the refills here!
✅EARTH FRIENDLY 2-PACK SPOOLS: Our eco-friendly floss refills are 100% compostable. After using your floss you can rest assured that it will naturally biodegrade so you don’t create unnecessary waste and pollution that harms our planet, plastic takes hundreds of years to decompose! If you don’t already have a container to use with your EcoFox refills you can get our starters kit right here on Amazon.
✅FLAVORED WITH MINT OIL & WAXED WITH NATURAL CANDELILLA: Freshen up your breath and boost your confidence with our powerful mint flavoring that will leave a smile on your face! Our super-strong dental floss is waxed with vegan candelilla wax so it can easily glide through your teeth and gums without causing bleeding or pain! Made to last, our floss doesn’t break even in the tightest spots of your teeth, and better yet it’s 100% natural and perfect for people with even the most sensitive gums.