Biodegradable Mint Dental Tooth Lace Floss –

$9.97 (as of July 23, 2020, 11:26 am)

✔️HIGHEST QUALITY AND NATURAL CARE! See the difference with our organic and natural candelilla waxed mint flavored dental floss! Our eco floss is made to easily glide between your teeth cleaning away everything stuck between and reaching even the tightest of spaces without breaking leaving your teeth sparkling clean with fresh minty feeling! Our gentle thread is made with consideration and is also suitable for people with sensitive gums!
✔️CANDELILLA WAXED & MINT FLAVORED! Coated with candelilla wax our BAMBOEARTH dental floss provides a softer more gentle experience while being 100% safe and natural! Just throw your eco floss in the compost pile after use where it will naturally biodegrade without unnecessary pollution! The added mint flavor will give you the fresh and ultra clean ready to go feeling that you deserve!
✔️2x REFILLABLE FLOSS THREADS & PLASTIC FREE PACKAGING! This pack contains two refill flosses for our glass jar 30m/33yrd each! Our glass bottle is very easy to refill and is also recyclable while our eco floss is 100% compostable! Our packaging is zero waste and made of compostable plant based kraft paper featuring soy-bean made ink that breaks down much quicker than all other inks!