Crovin Bath Shower Pouf Sponge – 4 Packs Exfoliating

$12.99 (as of July 23, 2020, 12:12 pm)

Gentle Cleanse your Skin. Eco-friendly and top-notch mesh material made to our premium bath pouf sponge, terry cloth fabrics combined, safe and suitable for all skin type. As well maintaining you skin balance and stimulate cellular vitality.
Comfort from Exquisite Design. Double sided design bring you perfect shower experience. Pouf side and normal bathing side with little amount of shower gel can create a rich lather and have different relaxation on skin. A strong hook ring for easily hanging on your towel rack.
Exfoliating and Keeping Healthier. Use this for bathing every-day, keep your skin gentle exfoliated and improve skin’s surface blood circulation. The elastic strap like a mitt helps you a lot for comfortable friction and to hold it well. You will amazing how it soothe, cleanse , restore your skin by using it every-day.