Designs for Health OmegAvail Synergy – Omega

$31.40 (as of July 23, 2020, 1:29 pm)

2X MORE EFFECTIVE THAN OTHER FISH OILS – Unlike most omega 3 fish oils, our TruTG Fish Oils are in the Triglyceride form (TG), the same form found in fish. TruTG means up to 100% more bioavailability.*
DEEP SEA AND PLANT BASED OMEGAS – This unique omega 3-6-7-9 formula contains a blend of wild deep-sea omega-3s, omega-6 (GLA from borage oil), omega-7, and omega-9 from certified virgin organic macadamia oil.*
IMPROVED DIGESTIBILITY – The enzyme Lipase helps ensure optimal digestion and prevent any fishy aftertaste.*