Doctors Floss 100 Meters Dental Floss for Tight Teeth,

$14.90 (as of July 23, 2020, 11:26 am) $8.90

✅ VEGAN GERMAN DENTAL FLOSS! Glides smoothly, doesn’t shred nor fray. Perfect for tight teeth and sensitive gums. Microwaxed! This slightly waxed floss ensures the removal of plaque and food residues. It is both thin and sturdy.
✅ SMART DESIGN, PERFECT FUNCTION. Your floss comes in an eco-friendly refillable container of recyclable tin. The elegant dental floss dispenser keeps your floss clean and provides perfect function with screw cap and an easy to use cutter.
✅ REFILL & REUSE! With this refillable metal container you reduce plastics. No more single used picks, sticks or holders. Our 110 yd refillable dispenser makes a great alternative to a glass floss container. The tin won’t shatter if dropped.