ECO AZUL Bamboo Dish Sponge Non-Scratch Eco-Friendly

$12.10 (as of July 23, 2020, 11:32 am)

✅SOFT AND DELICATE BUT THEY ARE ABLE TO CLEAN THE TOUGHEST MESS❤️ Our Eco Azul sponges are soft and delicate, we designed them in a way that will make your hands feel comfortable without feeling the rough sensation that other sponges out there have. At the same time, our sponges are able to clean tough mess or oily dishes.
✅THEY DO NOT HURT THE SURFACE OF YOUR DISHES❤️ Due to the soft bamboo fabric, our sponges will not scratch or damage any objects. They have been tested and we can guarantee that our products will not damage the surface of anything in your kitchen.
✅THEY HAVE A GREAT SUPPORT ON YOUR HANDS AND ARE HIGHLY BREATHABLE❤️ Eco Azul Sponges feel great on your hands. We have tested several hand sizes and they seem to feel comfortable on all sizes. They are not to small where they fall of your hands and they are not to big that feels like you are not able to wash in detail or cover corners and small objects. They are very flexible and able to adapt to any shape.