Lifey 250 Disposable Bathroom Napkins | Everyday Paper

$25.00 (as of July 23, 2020, 12:06 pm)

250 x “HIGH QUALITY” ECO FRIENDLY DISPOSABLE PAPER GUEST TOWELS/DINNER NAPKINS – Made from 100% bamboo with embossed absorption pockets for extra softness and absorbency than traditional tree paper towels. Eco friendly napkins perfect for drying your hands and wiping your face or surfaces.
EXTRA LARGE, SOFT & DURABLE BAMBOO PAPER NAPKINS – Because bamboo is an eco friendly alternative it is often a surprise just how soft and smooth our napkins are when you first glide your fingers across the material. Lifey napkins are a cost effective alternative to expensive paper napkins without any compromise to quality, in fact bamboo proves to be a softer and more durable material.
PERFECT FOR ALL OCCASIONS & EVENTS – These naturally tan/beige/ivory napkins add a subtle touch of warm elegant color to every space. Perfect for use in your home, office, bathroom, or commercial business. Fantastic for rustic or boho style themes.