New | NO~ NO~ Scratch Dish Scrubber| No-Odor, Dry-Fast,

$11.99 (as of July 23, 2020, 11:45 am)

πŸ‘ UPGRADE YOUR KITCHEN WITH COLORFUL & UNIQUELY DESIGNED DISH SCRUBBER- Our hand-made crocheted peachy dishcloths are available in many colors & cute designs. Our dishwashing cloths will brighten up your kitchen, will stand out beautifully and add an accent to your kitchen. In addition, it will also make your dishwashing and cleaning FUN, EASY, AND ENJOYABLE.
πŸ‰ DRY-FAST, NO-ODOR, NO-BACTERIA, ECO-FRIENDLY, DURABLE DISH SPONGES- This peachy dish sponge completely dries after each use to prevent odor and bacteria. There are many fibers on the surface that are soft, flexible and work as the little dish brush. Each scrubber will last longer than 6 months.
πŸ“ NEVER MAKES ANY SCRATCHES & SOFT SINK CLEANING SCOURER- Our cute dish sponge cleans the kitchen sink so that it becomes shiny & sparkly as new. It works great on the kitchen sink, stainless pots, stovetops, appliances, shower tiles, shower glass door, bathtub and more without making any scratches.