Premium 100% Natural Loofah Sponge Exfoliator –

$14.99 (as of July 23, 2020, 12:13 pm)

AUTHENTIC PREMIUM THAI EXFOLIATOR – Indulge in some bath time pampering with the original natural loofah sponges set. Surin Wellness Thai loofahs are superior to all others due to the perfect match of firmness and flexibility in their fibres which provide gentle and smoother exfoliation results without damaging your skin. The unsurpassed exfoliation properties work carefully on your skin to remove dead and dull skin cells, promoting greater hydration and enhanced absorption of skin care products
UNIQUE SUPER SOFT MOUNTAIN LOOFAH – Set includes 2 x Body luffas and 1 x Super-Soft Facial lufah that is the one and only natural sponge you should use on your face and sensitive parts of the body. This facial loofah is found exclusively in the rural mountains of northern Thailand, famous for it’s fine fibres and loose weave providing an ultra soft touch when compared to all other luffahs. This face loofah is suitable for everyday use. It lasts longer and absorbs more soap than plastic loofas
INSTANT USE / NO-SOAK REQUIRED – The unique texture of these natural sponges for body care provides an exceptional soapy lather without needing to pre-soak like other loofahs. In addition, the luffa sponges are quick-drying thanks to their loose weave which is more consistent than other loofah sponges. Experienced loofah lovers will appreciate the generous expansion and optimal consistency you get from the Surin Wellness loafah