Scrub-It Multi-Purpose Scrub Sponge – Eco Friendly

$10.99 (as of July 23, 2020, 11:42 am)

✪ LASTS FOR MONTHS AND MONTHS: Scrub-It viscose 3m scrubbing sponges are truly made to last. Each sponge can stand up to months of tough, daily use in your kitchen, bathroom, or car without falling apart, even when you’re scrubbing hard at a dish with dried residue.
✪ INCREDIBLE SCRUBBING POWER: Each Dish sponge has two sides: a soft, absorbent sponge and a hard, tough scouring pad. That means you’ll take less time dishwashing, scrubbing pots, and cleaning walls, floors and work surfaces.
✪ CLEANS WITHOUT SCRATCHING: You can even use them on delicate items such as windows, non-stick pans and expensive glassware, safe in the knowledge that the non-scratch surface won’t leave any marks, scratches or streaks.