Set of 10 Hemp and Loofah Kitchen sponges, Bamboo and

$29.99 (as of July 23, 2020, 11:32 am) $9.85

Welcome to greytwig….making homes eco… Greytwig is the eco sister of our homewares brand Kurrajong Farmhouse. Say goodbye to plastic: Do you want to rid your house of plastic, one room at at time?…. At Greytwig we hope you’ll never want to go back to plastic again when you try the lovely bamboo dish brush and hemp and loofah products. Wash them in the washing machine. Then dry them on the clothes line.
Kitchen: Beautiful quality loofah and hemp scrubbers, kitchen scrub sponges for pots and pans, kitchen sponges for dishes and kitchen bench surfaces, scrubber sponge for pots and pans, and dish sponges for washing dishes and even delicate glassware.
Bathroom: With the exception of the heavy duty loofah scrubbers, this set of luxury sponges and scrubbers, can be used in the bathroom and shower. The exfoliating loofah sponge is wonderful as a back scrubber or exfoliating body scrubber. The loofah pad, can be used as a bath sponge for men, loofah body scrubber for women, or whole body exfoliator