Vegan Dental Floss by TEVRA – Vegan Floss with Refreshing

$6.96 (as of July 23, 2020, 11:26 am) $4.96

BIODEGRADABLE: Giving you peace of mind you’re helping the environment; this all-natural floss is biodegradable and guaranteed not to harm the planet. An environmentally-friendly alternative to many other plastic teeth floss options out there, this eco floss is effective with zero waste.
VEGAN: Unlike most other biodegradable dental floss alternatives, this natural floss is completely free of silk making it 100% suitable for vegans. Better still, you don’t have to sacrifice taste as this vegan glide floss is available in a new refreshing flavour – mint and ginger.
BETTER ORAL HYGIENE: Instead of flossing with plastic between your teeth, this impressive 30m of tooth floss is gentle and all-natural. Made using corn instead of harmful plastic, this biodegradable floss is ideal for those suffering with bleeding gums.